Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost Two and a Half

It’s been four months since we last posted and quite a bit has changed. The biggest news is that Mia will have a baby sister arriving early December. Many of her friends at school have had siblings recently, so I think she has a good grasp on the idea.

Her imagination is growing like crazy – she spends hours playing with her dolls and her Spiderman toy, pretending to take care of them. She also loves to build with blocks and Legos (I type this from Mia’s room while she builds a house out of blocks for a Cookie Monster toy). I got a voice controlled R2D2 toy from my parents for Christmas, which Mia has claimed as her own. She loves to dance with him while he “sings” the cantina song. She often tells long stories about imaginary trips she’s taken or things she’s doing with her friends, toys, or animals.

Mia loves to sing and often comes home from school humming a new tune. This spring, they learned Take Me Out to the Ball Game, which you can watch a rendition of below. One of my favorite things she does with song is to take whatever mundane chore or task we happen to be doing and make up a song about it. It usually consists of a word or phrase describing what we’re doing repeated to the tune of a classic song like Row, row, row your boat. But more than any other song, Mia loves Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. She often asks for it when we listen to music with dinner or when we’re driving in the car. Just the other day we were walking down the street and she spontaneously began singing it.

She’s also developing other favorites. She loves eggs (which she calls “eggies”), ketchup, cream cheese, sour cream, chicken nuggets, cold pizza, and anything chocolate. I don’t think she has a favorite color yet, but likes purple and pink. She’s still not a big fan of TV, and will only watch Elmo and Thomas the Train.