Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's 2008! Mia will be two years old in less than a month (and she knows that her birthday is in February). She's still not able to show us how old she'll be though (can't quite get two fingers up without the others).

We spent the holidays doing the usual tour... flew to Boston where we stayed one night at Auntie Amy's new apartment. Auntie Jeanne and Unkie Jimbo had their baby a few days earlier so we got to meet her as well. Mia enjoyed that a lot and still talks about "Baby Macy". We hit the Mass Pike (and the traffic) and arrived at Nanie and Grampie's a couple of hours later... Nanie had been waiting all day at the window for our (Mia's) arrival!

We got a nice dusting of snow while we were in Connecticut so Mia (and all of us) had a chance to play in the snow. Grampie and Daddy made a big snowman in the back yard, just like the fake one that Daddy created on our Christmas card this year. Mia and Auntie Amy did some sledding and Amy did some snow angels (Mia wasn't into that though).

We got to spend time with the family (and Mia was spoiled) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which was really nice. We also got to meet Amy's boyfriend, Rich. He did "Ring around the Rosie" with Mia so he won her over pretty quickly! Mia enjoyed talking about Santa Claus and thanked him many times for her presents.

The day after Christmas it was back in the "Bu", Amy's car, to Logan Airport and we flew to Michigan for Round 2. We arrived on time and Uncle Chad picked us up in Kalamazoo. We had the Allen Family Christmas that night. Grandma got a Wii (and we all got accessories) so it was a night of bowling for the family.

We had a snowfall while we were there too so Mia got more time to play in the snow (and we have tons of pictures to prove it). The big excitement was the power outage/tree fire...and it wasn't even Grandpa's fault! He did save the day (or the night actually) by firing up the generator. All in all, our time in Michigan was great. We got to see snow, see the deer on the front porch daily, and enjoy lots of family time, not to mention seeing Grandma's cleaning robots in action.

We got back to California late on Dec 30th and enjoyed a quiet New Year's Eve at home, recovering from our travels. So far 2008 has been a little hectic for Paco and I, but Mia is having a ball as always. She's growing more and more everyday and she's talking so well now. I really think she grew up a lot over the time we were traveling. She's such a little kid now! She's definitely seeming like a two year old as well... she wants to do everything all by herself. We're looking forward to her birthday in a few weeks. Stay tuned for many more pictures (and an occasional blog post).