Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It was a fun day for all of us... Mia was a perfect ladybug. There are many pictures of the Halloween parade at Papillon Preschool.

We've definitely been slacking on our blogging duties but since our last post we bought a house. Between that and Paco's new job which is keeping him busier than ever, we've been a little crazy. Mia is doing great, however. She is 21 months and just a few weeks ago she was starting to put sentences together. Now it seems like she talks and talks and talks... She has no problem telling us what she wants (like "More shopping Mommy"), or telling the cat that he's done something wrong ("OOH LA LA Timmy!!"). She's counting pretty well and can almost do her ABC's all the way through. She knows some Spanish and French and she knows her geography: Grandma and Grandpa live in Michigan and Nanie and Grampie live in Connecticut (yes, she can say Connecticut!). One of her favorite books is "Goodnight Boston" and she now says "Goodnight Amy" at the end of the story. She has lots of little friends and she remembers (and repeats) everything now! Mommy has to watch her mouth these days:)

Here are all the pics from September through Halloween.