Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just a quick post with some new pics. We had a fun Father's Day. We all went over to our friends house and grilled. Mia had fun in the kiddie pool. A few random notes: she loves to brush her teeth in the morning with Mom and Dad. Also, when you ask her where something is and she doesn't know she shrugs her shoulders and says, "I don't know" in the cutest voice. Alli was away from Mia for the first time this past week -- she was at a conference in Anaheim. Alli went to Disney Land with some friends and picked up some mouse ears for Mia. I remember the ones I had as a kid as being all black. These must be some new-fangled Minnie Mouse ones.
Photos from the summer are here.

Friday, June 08, 2007

San Diego Vacation

We just got back from San Diego, our first family vacation that with just the three of us. We left last Wednesday and returned week later. Most mornings started with Mia waking up saying “bubble, bubble, bubble” over and over again and pointing out to the bay. She often called the ocean “bubble” instead of “water” – we think because the waves look like or make bubbles. So Dad would take her out to the beach and we’d play in the sand a bit, which mostly consisted of Mia shoveling dirt around while Dad ran back and forth to the ocean to fetch buckets of water. On Friday we went to the San Diego Zoo – probably the highlight of the trip. It was a beautiful day and Mia was very patient as we ran her around nearly the entire park in the hot sun. She loved the bears, monkeys, gibbons, and giraffes. Her favorite animals were probably the hippo and mountain lion. The hippo was in a big, mostly water exhibit that had a glass viewing area so you could see her swim underwater. She came right past the glass where Mia was sitting – a big thrill.

You can see all the pics here.

16 Month Update

Mia has now stopped calling herself “baby” and has started using her name. She often runs around saying “Hi, Mia” which is very cute. It’s probably one of the most frequent phrases she’s heard in her lifetime. She loves to color, eat crayons, give hugs and give kisses. She also recently learned how to give Eskimo kisses. Again, very cute. She tries to help with getting dressed and undressed and also helps get her travel diaper kit out when she needs a change on the road. She loves bath-time and will quickly run to the bathroom, stand by the tub, and start to take her clothes off when you ask if she wants to take a bath.

Mia also has a pretty big vocabulary at this point. I’m sure we’re missing some, but here’s a list of the words/phrases we can think of that’s she’s currently saying: water, baby, Mia, Momma, Dada, car, truck, bird, boat, bubble, up, down, milk, bottle, yes, no, airplane, shoes, hi, bye-bye, outside, Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, duck, dog, Timmy, meow, night-night, sit, color, buckle, button, hello, dirty, hat, tickle, please, thank you, nose, eye, I love you, boo-boo, mine, apple, banana, book, monkey, uh-oh, brush, ear, excuse me, fish, hot, cold, help, yellow, out, off, on, elephant, jacket, belly …

Here are some recent pictures from May 2007.