Friday, June 08, 2007

San Diego Vacation

We just got back from San Diego, our first family vacation that with just the three of us. We left last Wednesday and returned week later. Most mornings started with Mia waking up saying “bubble, bubble, bubble” over and over again and pointing out to the bay. She often called the ocean “bubble” instead of “water” – we think because the waves look like or make bubbles. So Dad would take her out to the beach and we’d play in the sand a bit, which mostly consisted of Mia shoveling dirt around while Dad ran back and forth to the ocean to fetch buckets of water. On Friday we went to the San Diego Zoo – probably the highlight of the trip. It was a beautiful day and Mia was very patient as we ran her around nearly the entire park in the hot sun. She loved the bears, monkeys, gibbons, and giraffes. Her favorite animals were probably the hippo and mountain lion. The hippo was in a big, mostly water exhibit that had a glass viewing area so you could see her swim underwater. She came right past the glass where Mia was sitting – a big thrill.

You can see all the pics here.


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