Friday, June 08, 2007

16 Month Update

Mia has now stopped calling herself “baby” and has started using her name. She often runs around saying “Hi, Mia” which is very cute. It’s probably one of the most frequent phrases she’s heard in her lifetime. She loves to color, eat crayons, give hugs and give kisses. She also recently learned how to give Eskimo kisses. Again, very cute. She tries to help with getting dressed and undressed and also helps get her travel diaper kit out when she needs a change on the road. She loves bath-time and will quickly run to the bathroom, stand by the tub, and start to take her clothes off when you ask if she wants to take a bath.

Mia also has a pretty big vocabulary at this point. I’m sure we’re missing some, but here’s a list of the words/phrases we can think of that’s she’s currently saying: water, baby, Mia, Momma, Dada, car, truck, bird, boat, bubble, up, down, milk, bottle, yes, no, airplane, shoes, hi, bye-bye, outside, Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, duck, dog, Timmy, meow, night-night, sit, color, buckle, button, hello, dirty, hat, tickle, please, thank you, nose, eye, I love you, boo-boo, mine, apple, banana, book, monkey, uh-oh, brush, ear, excuse me, fish, hot, cold, help, yellow, out, off, on, elephant, jacket, belly …

Here are some recent pictures from May 2007.


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