Tuesday, September 05, 2006

7 Months Old

I know, I know, the recent posts have all been slightly out of order. We've been busy. However, I wanted to get this one up so we had some reference when we look back months, years, decades from now. Mia spent her 7 month birthday on a 747 -- we took a couple snaps to memorialize the occasion. And yeah, she's that good 95% of the time when we fly (knock, knock).

Mia's July Video Part I

I felt like we didn't tape much of June so I think we over compensated in July -- tons of footage. Plus, she started doing cool stuff like rolling over so we shot a lot more that month. As a result, July is a two part affair. Here's part I ... part II coming as soon as I have time to edit it down.

I also tried increasing the quality of the video so hopefully it looks a bit better this time around. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mia attends Jordan's 1st birthday party

This birthday party happened before we left for Boston, but there are some cute pictures from the party some of you might have missed. Jordan is the daughter of some friends of ours and they attend daycare together. The pics are in the same folder as the recent Boston trip (birthday photos start here -- pics 13 through 19). The one below is one of my favorites.

Boston, Connecticut, 7 months old, teeth, clapping, and more

There's a lot to cover here. We just got back from our trip to see Nanie, Grampie and Auntie Amy (along with the rest of Alli's extended family). We also spent a couple days in Boston visiting with Amy, friends and even had a chance to meet up with Chad and Mariya for dinner on their way through town. We flew back Friday which was Mia's 7 month birthday -- as usual she did great. I can't believe this is her 3rd cross-country trip already. We think she's teething again -- she's been a bit grumpy here and there over the last week. We've been working on clapping with her and she really got it down while we were at Alli's parents. She also took her first swim which she loved.

Anyway, I really need to edit the video from July and start on August's video cause we're already into September. Pics from the trip here.